Interested in driving for us?
If you’re an experienced, professional driver seeking a position where your friendliness and professionalism can shine, we’re interested in hearing from you. Xpress always seeks qualified candidates for commuter routes in the Metro Atlanta area. A commercial driver’s license is required with Class A or B with passenger endorsement and no air brake restriction. Drug testing, criminal background checks and training are conducted prior to hiring.

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Xpress Regional Commuter Service
316 Cash Memorial Blvd.
Forest Park, GA 30297



[wc_testimonial by=”Edward Passmore, Xpress Coach Operator” url=”” position=”left”]I’m former military, so I bring that here: getting places on time, communicating with the chain of command and dispatch, being dependable. I like driving the 5:30 AM Jonesboro route (441), because I told those passengers, if you get to the park-and-ride on time, I’ll pick you up on time, and we can get where we need to go. And they all do, they’re always there on time on the dot and I’m there, and we have a good system. I don’t want them to ever wait on me in the cold. I want them to know they can depend on me.[/wc_testimonial]

[wc_testimonial by=”Yolonda Robb, Xpress Coach Operator” url=”” position=”left”]I love what I do. I enjoy it, I enjoy my passengers, and I love coming to work every day because there’s always something new. My passengers are teaching me new things every single day.”“It’s not just a job. My coworkers are my family. My passengers are my family. I see the same riders every day and I’ve come to care for them, and they care about me.”We give passengers a good, clean, friendly, professional ride. Some of the areas I drive don’t have any other bus service, so if you want to get to downtown, we’re it. Our value? That we’re rolling. That we’ll just get you there, you know?[/wc_testimonial]

[wc_testimonial by=”Sarah B., Route 400 Passenger” url=”” position=”left”]I just wanted to tell you how awesome my driver is. He always says good morning, and is so friendly—it really makes my day![/wc_testimonial]