Frequently Asked Questions:


What time will the coach arrive? How do I read the timetable?

An Xpress timetable is available to download on each individual route page. To see the times for each trip, please read the timetable from left to right. If your stop is not a schedule timed stop, please see the times listed before and after your stop. Your coach will arrive between those two times. It is recommended that you plan to be at your stop at least 10 minutes prior to the time listed.

When does Xpress operate?

Xpress service operates Monday through Friday, generally between 5:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. for morning trips and 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. for afternoon trips. Check your route schedule for specific times.

What is the holiday schedule?

Xpress does not operate on most national holidays. Refer to the Holiday Schedule on the commuter tools page for additional information.

How can I find my route or park-and-ride lot?“

Our favorite resource is our website’s Discover Your New Commute section, where you can answers a few simple questions about your commute and we help determine which routes might work best for you.

If you just need help planning your commute’s specific times and locations, we’ve worked with Google to help a rider schedule a trip. A rider can enter their home and work addresses, as well as the time they need to be at work, and Google does the rest!

Some riders may need to use multiple transit systems to get to and from work. For those customers, will help them plan their trip, understand how to transfer, and even buy fares.

What should I do if all the seats are full on the coach?

Xpress buses may get crowded on certain peak times. Rarely does this happen since we are constantly monitoring our ridership. However, if there are no more seats please allow the elderly, pregnant or disabled seating first and stand near the rear of the coach.

How do I know if Xpress will work for me?

Xpress is great for Atlanta’s weekday commuters with their workplaces in some of the region’s busiest employment centers in Atlanta. It’s convenient, safe and reasonably lower than driving to work every day. Discover your new commute with Xpress.


What do I do if I want to use more than one fare product?

If you have a Green Zone pass and are traveling on a route designated as Blue Zone, an additional $1 (referred to as an “upcharge”) is required to board the coach. You may pay the upcharge by swiping your Green Zone pass and then placing $1 exact cash in the fare box.

A Blue Zone pass is valid on all Blue and Green Zone routes for the convenience of customers who regularly use more than one route. Please note: If you use a Blue Zone pass on a Green Zone route, you will be charged at the Blue Zone rate. We strongly recommend that customers who regularly ride both Green and Blue Zone routes buy Green Zone passes and pay any additional upcharges using cash. This is the most effective way to ensure customers are paying the proper fare.

Additionally, customers who wish to ride both Xpress routes and Gwinnett County Transit or CobbLinc routes can load each system’s fare product onto Breeze to avoid having to carry multiple fare products. All Xpress, GCT and CobbLinc buses accept Breeze cards, and Breeze allows you to have up to four separate fare products at the same time. The correct fare product will automatically be used when a customer taps the card on the bus. Customers also have the option to add stored cash value on the card that will deduct either fare price.

How do I purchase fares?

Xpress Green and Blue Zone
Xpress routes have a fare classification as either Green or Blue Zone, depending on the park-and-ride location the route serves. Routes serving park-and-ride locations further away from Atlanta are in the Blue Zone, while those routes serving locations closer to Atlanta are in the Green Zone

Xpress Price How to Purchase and Redeem
Product Xpress Green Zone Xpress Blue Zone Cash (Use exact cash on coach) Breeze (Load at Breeze Kiosk or online at
One-Way $3 $4 Yes – Use exact change Yes –  use stored cash value
Round-Trip $5 $7 Yes – must be used same day
10-Trip $25 $35 Yes
31-Day $100 $125 Yes

What discounts are available?

• Children
Children may ride without paying a fare, provided:
1. The child is no taller than the fare box,
2. The child is 6 years old or younger, AND
3. The child rides in the lap of his or her parent or guardian.
All strollers and car seats not in use must be stored under the coach during trip. If the child is placed in a car seat on a coach seat, then the parent or guardian must pay the fare for that child.

How do I use the MARTA Breeze Card to pay for my Xpress fare?

Xpress coaches accept MARTA Breeze Cards for fare payment. A free transfer to MARTA is available to passengers using a Breeze card. Click here for MARTA fare information.


How do I pay my fare on the coach?

To ride Xpress you may pay exact cash (one-way and roundtrip only) or tap your Breeze Card. A free transfer to MARTA is available to passengers using a Breeze card.  All Xpress fares are paid when you board the coach at the park-and-ride lot in the morning and when you exit the coach at the park-and-ride lot in the afternoon. Click here for all fare information.

How do I get off the coach?

Your coach operator will announce the destination stops. Please touch the stop strip above your head to signal that you need to disembark at the next stop.

Can I bring my bicycle on Xpress?

Yes! Most coaches have a rack in front that holds one or two bicycles. Your operator can explain the bicycle loading procedure—it’s quick and easy. If your coach doesn’t have a rack, or the rack is full, the operator can open the undercarriage bin. You may then place your bicycle in the undercarriage storage. Customers are responsible for loading bicycles onto the coach. Xpress is not responsible for damage to the bicycle while en route.

Can I carry packages on Xpress?

Customers can bring packages or luggage aboard the bus that may be stored in the overhead bin area or under the coach storage. Xpress is not responsible for lost or damaged packages left on bus.

Can I bring food on the bus?

No, we do not allow food aboard to maintain a clean environment for all of our passengers. Drinks with a resealable lid are permitted.


Does Xpress accommodate passengers with disabilities?

Xpress is committed to providing safe, comfortable, convenient service to all of our riders. All Xpress coaches comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and feature both a kneeling feature to lower the steps into the bus and a wheelchair lift. If you need assistance boarding the coach, or need to use the wheelchair lift, notify the driver. The operator will aid you in boarding or leaving the coach.
The operator announces stop and route identification for passengers with visual impairments. If you are in need of any assistance be sure to let the bus operator know when you enter the coach.

How do I use the wheelchair lift?

The wheelchair lift is located on the passenger entrance side of the coach, about 1/3rd of the way back. To use it, notify the driver, who will deploy the lift. Follow the driver’s instructions and you will be assisted into the coach and your wheelchair secured for a safe ride. There are places for two wheelchairs to be secured on each coach.
Xpress will provide wheelchair accommodation provided the chair does not exceed the following dimensions: 30 inches in width, 48 inches in length and the weight of the chair, when occupied, does not exceed 600 pounds.

Are animals permitted on the coach?

Services animals for persons with disabilities are allowed on Xpress coaches. No other animals may be carried on the bus.


What are Xpress expectations for passengers?

Xpress riders can expect a safe, comfortable, reliable commute—and passengers are expected to uphold the following guidelines.
• If you must use your cell phone, please speak quietly.
• Wear headphones when using portable music and gaming devices.
• Speak quietly when conversing with other passengers.
• Use overhead bins and under-carriage storage bins for carry-on items.
• Priority seating at the front of each bus should be given to elderly, disabled, and pregnant passengers.
• Avoid speaking to the operator while he or she is driving.
• Sit, rather than stand, when seating is available.
• Use signal to alert operator when ready to disembark the coach.
• Take all your belongings with you when you depart, including trash and newspapers.
• Do not vandalize buses. Violators will be prosecuted.

I lost something. How can I get it back?

The best way to report a lost item is to submit an online Lost Items Inquiry form. This for enables Xpress to collect all necessary information and contact you in the event that your item is located. You may also contact customer service to report a lost item. Xpress will make every attempt to return a lost item to our customers if found. If you have found an item left by another passenger in your Xpress coach, please give it to the coach operator. If you have found an item at a stop or in a park-and-ride lot, please give it to the next available Xpress coach operator or contact customer service.

How can I find out about service alerts and other Xpress news?

Keep up-to-date with service alerts and general Xpress news by subscribing to our emails, following us on Twitter, and joining the conversation on the Xpress Blog.

How do I report something unsafe or suspicious?

If you see something, say something. If you see suspicious activity or unattended packages on a coach or in a park-and-ride lot, please call 911 or 1-844-XPRSSGA (977-7742).
If possible, please note your route number, coach departure time and the vehicle number (a black number printed on the inside bulkhead in front and outside on the coach) when you make your report.

What if I have to unexpectedly work late or leave early? What is the Guaranteed Ride Home and how can I use it?

Your peace of mind is an important benefit of commuting with Xpress, and the regional Guaranteed Ride Home Program will help you get home if an unexpected event occurs. Eligible, enrolled commuters throughout the Atlanta region can receive a free taxi or rental car (dependent on commute distance and other factors) for up to 4 rides to their home or car per year if unscheduled overtime or another unexpected event occurs. (Please note that missing your bus does not count as an unexpected event.)

Read the terms and conditions and sign up for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program at Georgia Commute Options.


Who runs Xpress? What is SRTA?

Xpress is managed by the Atlanta Transit Link Authority (ATL), an agency of the State of Georgia.

How can I apply for a job with Xpress?

To learn about how you can become a valuable member of the Xpress team, please click here.

If none of the above helped answer your question, please get in touch with us directly. We’re happy to help.