Breeze Mobile 2.0

Note: Xpress Passes on Token Transit No longer accepted after Dec 31, 2023.

With Breeze Mobile 2.0, enjoy:

Seamless payments across the region with Xpress, MARTA, CobbLinc and Ride Gwinnett

Quick & Easy: Just download the app to your phone and buy your pass

Instant Purchase: Purchase or use your pass immediately when you’re ready to ride

Contactless: Just hold your smartphone near the reader

Convenience: Your pass is always on your phone

Security: Once you register, your passes are stored in the cloud, so you are protected – even if you lose your phone or get a new one

How to Use Breeze Mobile 2.0

It’s a Breeze with 3 simple steps!

1 | Download app and create account

  • Check Terms & Conditions and enter your confirmation code
  • Fill in your bank card information and you’re ready to buy your pass

2 | Purchase a pass

  • Press “purchase fare”
  • Select your service
  • Choose your pass
  • Pay with stored value, a credit or debit card or split payment

3 | Pay your fare

  • Tap* to pay or place your phone screen-side up under the validator to scan your pass
  • Look for the green check mark to confirm you paid

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