Determining Your Zone

Fares for Xpress routes are set by distance traveled. Each route’s specific fare can be found on its route page along with links to purchase the proper passes.

Xpress Green and Blue Zone
Xpress routes have a fare classification as either Green or Blue Zone, depending on the park-and-ride location the route serves. Routes serving park-and-ride locations further away from Atlanta are in the Blue Zone, while those routes serving locations closer to Atlanta are in the Green Zone

Xpress Price How to Purchase and Redeem
Product Xpress Green Zone Xpress Blue Zone Cash (Use exact cash on coach) Breeze (Load at Breeze Kiosk or online at www.breezecard.com)
One-Way $3 $4 Yes – Use exact change Yes –  use stored cash value
Round-Trip $5 $7 Yes – must be used same day
10-Trip $25 $35 Yes
31-Day $100 $125 Yes

Picking Your Pass

To ride Xpress you may pay for your fare in one of three ways:  Cash, Breeze or  using the Token Transit mobile payment app.  Customers also have several options for purchasing multi-ride passes on any of our routes. Xpress offers One-Way, Round-Trip, 10-Ride or 31-Day passes.

One-Way fares may be paid onboard the coach using exact cash or by using “stored cash value” that has been loaded onto a Breeze card.

Round-Trip (valid only for the same day)
Roundtrip fares can no longer be purchased on the bus.  They can only be purchased on Breeze.

Xpress 10-Ride passes are valid for 10 one-way trips.

Xpress 31-Day passes are valid for 30 days after their initial use and do not follow a monthly calendar.

How to Buy and Redeem Your Fare

Paying with Cash
One-way fares may be paid in exact cash (no change given).

Cash is recommended if:
You want to try Xpress for the first time
You are an occasional rider

Cash is NOT recommended if:
You need to transfer to or from MARTA
You don’t have exact change
You would like a multi-trip discount

Paying with Breeze
Using a Breeze card is the easiest way to pay your fare for metro Atlanta’s major transit agencies. It utilizes smart card technology to load, store and redeem numerous types of fare products as well as allowing transfers between transit systems. Xpress accepts Breeze cards on all of our routes, including those operated CCT.

Breeze Card Image

Breeze is recommended if:
You want a FREE transfer to or from MARTA
You want your pass available quickly
You only want to keep up with one card
You want to use more than one type of pass product

There is a new fare collection method on our routes during the afternoon. Customers will pay for their trip in the afternoons before exiting the bus at the park-and-ride lots. Why? This change allows you to board the bus faster in the afternoon and keep the buses from getting delayed along their routes

Products Available
Customers can use Round-Trip, 10-Ride, and 31-Day passes for all Xpress operated routes. Customers may also use “stored cash value” to pay a one-way fare or to pay fare differences between zones.

Using more than one fare zone or pass product
If you have a Green Zone pass and are traveling on a route designated as Blue Zone, an additional $1 (referred to as an “upcharge”) is required to board the coach. You may pay the upcharge by swiping your Green Zone pass and then placing $1 exact cash in the fare box.

A Blue Zone pass is valid on all Blue and Green Zone routes for the convenience of customers who regularly use more than one route. Please note: If you use a Blue Zone pass on a Green Zone route, you will be charged at the Blue Zone rate. We strongly recommend that customers who regularly ride both Green and Blue Zone routes buy Green Zone passes and pay any additional upcharges using cash. This is the most effective way to ensure customers are paying the proper fare.

Additionally, customers who wish to ride both  Xpress routes and GCT or CobbLinc routes can load each system’s fare product onto Breeze to avoid having to carry multiple fare products. All  Xpress, GCT and CobbLinc buses accept Breeze cards, and Breeze allows you to have up to four separate fare products at the same time. The correct fare product will automatically be used when a customer taps the card on the bus. Customers also have the option to add stored cash value on the card that will deduct either fare price.

All Sales Final
All pass sales are final. No refunds or exchanges are available.

How to Buy
Visit breezecard.com or any Breeze Vending Machine at the MARTA rail stations to obtain a card, purchase passes, and load “stored cash value.”

How to redeem
Each coach has a Breeze card reader on the fare box, and customers can simply tap their card on the reader when boarding the coach in the morning and when exiting the coach in the afternoon.

How to Redeem

How to Transfer to and from MARTA
Customers who wish to transfer between Xpress and MARTA must use a Breeze card for their pass. When using a Breeze card to transfer between Xpress and MARTA, simply tap onto an Xpress coach or onto MARTA and a free transfer will automatically be loaded onto your Breeze card. You will then have 3 hours to transfer to the other transit system for free.

Expiration Dates
Products loaded onto Breeze cards never expire; however, only 4 different products may be loaded at one time.

Discounted Fares

Children may ride without paying a fare, provided:
1. The child is no taller than the fare box,
2. The child is 6 years old or younger, AND
3. The child rides in the lap of his or her parent or guardian.
All strollers and car seats not in use must be stored under the coach during trip. If the child is placed in a car seat on a coach seat, then the parent or guardian must pay the fare for that child.