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How do I know when my bus is going to get to my stop?

1. Choose the top “Where’s My Bus?” Button.
2. Choose the route you would like to track.
3. Choose your stop.
4. View your SRTA bus on a live map and see the real time next bus arrival time.

What is the difference between a “scheduled” and “predicted” arrival/departure time?

The “scheduled” time is the time the bus will arrive/depart based on the published trip schedule.
The “predicted” time is based on the real-time movement of the bus. The predicted time will generally be the more accurate. If the predicted time is not available, use the scheduled time.
Scheduled times will show in a green box and predicting arrival and departure times will show in a blue box.

How can I find the nearest bus stop?

1. Click on the locate me button. A map will appear that shows where you are on a red dot.
2. Click proceed and all the nearest bus stop locations closest to you will appear.
3. If you know the address, you can use the “Search Address”.
*Make sure this stop serves your preferred route.* How to view my bus schedule?
1. Click on the “Schedule” button.
2. Click on your route, trip.

Does myXpress use real-time schedule data?

Yes, myXpress has the schedule information for all of our routes. We will provide the scheduled time if the predicted time is unavailable.

How do trip notifications work?

Trip notifications let you know when a trip you’ve selected is running late based on the threshold you’ve chosen (10, 15, 20 minutes late). This notification is not stop-specific, so riders wanting to know when the bus will come to their stop should track their bus using the “Where’s My Bus?”
feature. That view is the most accurate real-time travel of the buses.Please note that the trip notifications feature is still being worked on, so we recommend always consulting the “Where’s My Bus?” feature for the most current information on your specific trip.

What’s the difference between trip, route, and system-wide notifications?

A trip notification sends alerts when a trip you’ve selected is running late on the scheduled time you selected under the schedule button. The trip notification allows you to know when your bus is 10, 15, 20 minutes away from your trip time. A route notification is an alert with information pertaining to your route like construction at your park-and-ride or service changes. System-wide notifications inform customers of important news regarding Xpress, such as holiday schedules and major weather alerts.